And The Journey Begins

Starting this blog was a long time coming and has always been something I’ve wanted to do in the back of my mind. Writing is one of those things I have a love-hate relationship with. A particular reason that probably made me delay the creation of this blog is that writing can be quite time-consuming and on top of that, I produce ideas for writing on a rather inconsistent basis. However, when I do get around to sitting down, I turn on a good playlist and have a strong thought, then my stream-of-consciousness writing explodes out of nowhere and I can keep writing on and on for hours (with 90% of it probably not making much sense) until I’m done -a process I actually quite enjoy. So all in all, maybe it’s the new year that makes you want to actually put your thoughts into actions, because here we are!

I already have so many ideas on content for this blog and am excited to see how & just like that will continue to transform and change in the next while!


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