On a typical day of scrolling through my social media, I happened to stumble across the words of a writer named Jed Jenkins and it took me by surprise. Social media easily becomes something that you scroll through fast and briefly, posts and photos have a high turnover rate, and little attention span is needed. But what stood out to me about Jed’s posts is that he posts quite lengthy captions about the daily musings and reflections that emerge in his mind and heart as he journeys through life.

Instead of being able to easily scroll over it, I had to take a few minutes out of my time and read through the whole thing..to the point that the act of reading it through became effortful, which is very foreign and usually avoided in the world of social media..but I realized it’s something that Jed’s posts have taught me to come to love. How rare is it to actually use our minds and introspection when consuming media?

I love how he stops to recognize the little thoughts he has, brings them to the forefront of his awareness, and goes to document it beautifully on his social media with such simple yet sharp eloquence. There are so many great posts of his that I thought I would start sharing them on my blog. Before I start rambling, here’s a first look into Jed’s words…


An epiphany is this: when the experiences of life, which fell on you like chaos, reveal themselves to be lumber. Building materials for the life you were made to live. Every time in my life that I have had the thrill of epiphany, of fresh understanding… it always comes as a new seeing of what was already there. The knot in my stomach untangles. The mess of overlapping yarn, which pestered me for years in its multicolored nonsense, exposes itself as a woven quilt… made to keep me warm. Nothing, not one thing, that has happened to me in my life, goes unused in the epiphanies to come.

I look back on my twenties as a brilliantly scripted arc… though I could never have known that then. That is the mystery of life: we are in a play, both the performer and the audience. We act out our lives on a stage, live, as if it is spontaneous. We experience it as if it is unwritten. But given any distance, it feels so purposeful. So scripted. Right?

An epiphany is this: when you, as an audience member of your own life, suddenly land on a plot point or catch a glimpse of the author’s poignant truth hidden in the story.

I don’t know what this means, but I rest better in my uneasy seasons with the knowledge I have learned from paying attention: it will all make sense, or at least be useful, it is all for my instruction, I am on stage telling a story, and I best get on with the scene.


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