Staying Warm in Montreal

Ah Montreal. 9 times out of 10, it’s always snowing or freezing cold when I come to visit. This time… was no exception. I walked out of the train station a few days ago and was welcomed with open arms to a full-blown snowstorm that lasted over a span of 2 days. While the sensible thing to do when the weather takes a turn for the worse is to stay within your home or hotel room and call it a day, I thought I’d go out and do some exploring of the city, naturally.

I’ve been to Montreal more times than I can count, yet I’m still perplexed as to the never-ending options of things to do, eat, and see.

First stop, caffeine.

The quintessential Montreal experience isn’t complete without visiting a cafe. Montreal has one of the best coffee cultures in North America with an impeccable selection of coffee and tea and cafes filled to the brim with greenery and bright windows.


Some solid coffee shops that are tried, true and tested by me can be found below. These spots are great places to pick up a guaranteed high-quality cup of joe, a place to chat with friends, or if you’re looking for a warm, light-filled space to get work done in the midst of the dreary winter weather.

  • Pikolo Espresso Bar
  • MELK Bar a Cafe
  • Tommy
  • Cafe Barthe
  • Crew Collective & Cafe



Grab a Bite to Eat at…

Montreal boasts a wide selection of locally-owned eateries, with an extremely expansive vegetarian/vegan scene. Even if you’re not particularly vegetarian/vegan, definitely give it a go at one of the endless possibilities which can be found in the heart of the city. Some of my go-to recs include:

  • LOV
  • Lola Rosa
  • Aux Vivres


Treat yourself to High Tea

Feel like making your afternoon just a little more sophisticated? Nothing sounds more cozy than winding down and relaxing with some good company at high tea while watching the snow fall from the comforts of the warm indoors.


Walk through Plateau

If you’re looking for a neighbourhood to walk through the snowy weather and enjoy the winter landscapes, take a stroll through the Plateau. It’s a quieter part of Montreal known distinctly by the older houses with rows and rows of staircases and several local shops and restaurants that you can browse through.

OZWG9599 (3)




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