f i v e / s p a c e s 

When thinking of the name that this blog would take on moving forward, the image of a table kept popping up in my head. Something about how a good majority of conversations are brought up at a table and where ideas can be discussed, tossed back and forth, and where insight can be gained.

In my mind, “five spaces” came to be because most tables seat four chairs and I liked the idea of four people regularly sitting around a table, talking, eating maybe, every day like clockwork, and all of a sudden a fifth chair is pulled up for someone else to come in and join the conversation.

This fifth person, this fifth space, can disrupt the routine normalcy, possibly affirm the opinions brought forth by other individuals, introduce unexpectedness and a fresh presence, contribute to the organic input of ideas, and maybe, open the mind of someone else already sitting at the table.

So in a quick summary, what is Five & Spaces? From my last paragraph, I’d say it’s a blog that seeks to be pretty nonsensical (a reflection of life, isn’t it?), something that can disrupt or go with the flow, weave through everyday dialogue (attempting to navigate through life with all the big things and small things), but with the goal to parse through less-said ideas and bring them upfront and out in the open. So welcome! Pull up a chair at the table and join the conversation.