Invisible Privilege

The immigrant experience. is one that I cannot say is of my own. As I read through the pages of Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Namesake, this was my visceral thought. As a second-generation Asian-Canadian,  I have not had to undergo the struggles that come with immigration firsthand, but instead have seen how my parents have been changed by the process and how it has shaped the dynamics of … Continue reading Invisible Privilege

My 2018: Light, a mis-step,and a reflection

Let’s talk about the new year. For some, it’s a time to make resolutions, look back at the highlights of the year, but also for some, it’s reflecting on the hardest of hardships and things that left the air feeling insurmountably thin at times. 2018, you’ve been so full of joy but also a lot of heaviness..but most of all, you’ve taught me a few … Continue reading My 2018: Light, a mis-step,and a reflection

Why Do We Make Such a Big Deal out of “Chasing Your Passion and Dreams”?

Today, I bring you another written word by Jed Jenkins on the fine art of chasing your dreams. We’re told this by our parents, peers, and teachers and we’ve probably thought this to ourselves all the time – “What is the one thing that I’m passionate about?” You know, that thing we all so desperately chase in our lifetime, the thing we’re told that once … Continue reading Why Do We Make Such a Big Deal out of “Chasing Your Passion and Dreams”?

I’m Doubting…What’s Wrong?

I must admit that at the time of this blog’s conception, I purposefully steered clear of discussing faith here. The intentionality behind &justlikethat is all about getting down to the vulnerable, often hidden parts of ourselves yet for some reason, talking about my own faith seemed especially personal? I guess I was afraid that by typing out the various facets of what I believe onto … Continue reading I’m Doubting…What’s Wrong?